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For when the

hustle gets hard.

Your business hype girl, chaos organizer, and the one who 


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It’s time to ditch the overwhelm, make moves on that project that’s been hanging over your head like dried out mistletoe, and shift from stuck to unstoppable.

I’m Terri Flannagan and my mission? To turn your scatter into success by being just the girl your business needs.

What’s that mean?

I help make sense of the stuff that makes you want to shut the laptop and call it quits so you can return to your zone of genius and do the things that make you do your happy dance. (You know the one.)

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Know where


We've all been there.

You know — that fun little rut where you end up spending too much time in the trenches that you’ve got no capacity to do what you were created to do. That soul-sucking “in the weeds” mindset that causes you to miss the breathtaking forest because of those bare and twiggy trees.

And when you’re spinning your wheels trying to get started, keep going, or finish well? Your brain gets fried, your joy gets squashed, and your impact gets stifled. And ain’t nobody got time for that, amen?


With nearly 3 out of 10 entrepreneurs reporting some level of burnout - I'm here to flip the script.

Because getting stuck sucks — but you don’t have to stay there.

I partner with brands and businesses to design customized strategies, create actionable project plans, and pull the trigger on those “gotta get done right” to-dos that you can’t afford to miss.


How I Help

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I clear the clutter.

I help you take a step back, evaluate where you are and act as your dedicated sounding board — who isn’t afraid to shoot straight and boss you around. I come alongside you to pull you from that productivity zapping rut and get you back in the game to make an impact.

Perfect for: The client who’s running in her lane but needs a cheerleader to keep her from sidelining herself with overwhelm.

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I make a plan of attack.

I sift through the minutia and identify the next right thing for that upcoming project or your business as a whole. Together we make a customized and detailed game plan with actionable steps tailored to your goal.


Perfect for: The client who knows where she wants to go but isn’t sure how to get there.

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I get it done

I flawlessly execute your most important or most mundane

tasks so you can get back to what sets your soul on fire. From marketing plans and content

calendars, to event strategy and backend systems management. 

I manage the chaos and pull the trigger so you don’t have to.

Perfect for: The client who can’t

afford to be in the weeds and needs a trusted project manager to get the job done.

Kind Words from Clients.


"There's Crisp Interiors before Terri. And there's Crisp Interiors after Terri. Her ability to zoom out and help me see the whole picture of my business after spending a day together was unreal. Terri was able to bring my focus up to a higher level and from this zoomed out perspective, I could see SO much more clearly.


She listened. She questioned.  She affirmed.  She put my big dreams on paper.  And, for the first time ever, I felt like they might really be possible.  Together we worked on a road map to get there. I didn't just leave that room with a plan, I left with a new teammate.  Someone who would use her God-given gifts (and uncanny ability to connect others) to get me to the next level.   I walked in that morning confused, overwhelmed, and, honestly, a little burnt-out. I left with a renewed sense of purpose, a plan, and an excitement I haven't felt for a LONG time. I'm so grateful and I just can't WAIT to meet again."

Emily Knotts, Crisp Interiors owner and principal designer

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