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Green Hand-drawn Welcome Google Classroo

"I recently had the privilege of working with Terri on a few projects for my business and in all honesty, she was wind in my sail. She brought energy, problem solving, creative thinking, follow up and execution. She is an enjoyable combination of fun to work with and driven to execute. When she walks into the room for our meetings, I feel both encouraged and cheered on and ready to persevere and continue dreaming. All in all, Terri is a joy to work with."

Alisha Kaiser, Table FIx Owner & Curator


"There's Crisp Interiors before Terri. And there's Crisp Interiors after Terri. Her ability to zoom out and help me see the whole picture of my business after spending a day together was unreal. Terri was able to bring my focus up to a higher level and from this zoomed out perspective, I could see SO much more clearly.


She listened. She questioned.  She affirmed.  She put my big dreams on paper.  And, for the first time ever, I felt like they might really be possible.  Together we worked on a road map to get there. I didn't just leave that room with a plan, I left with a new teammate.  Someone who would use her God-given gifts (and uncanny ability to connect others) to get me to the next level.   I walked in that morning confused, overwhelmed, and, honestly, a little burnt-out. I left with a renewed sense of purpose, a plan, and an excitement I haven't felt for a LONG time. I'm so grateful and I just can't WAIT to meet again."

Emily Knotts, Crisp Interiors owner and principal designer


"Not only did Terri help me create beautiful influencer boxes for my book launch, but she was also the most encouraging, organized, and creative partner along the way. I was so pleased with the final product and her heart throughout the journey was the biggest gift during a season I needed it most. Terri is gifted and someone you definitely want to have on your 'home team."

Nicole Zasowski, Author, Counselor and Speaker

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